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Taste of Traditions


The itinerary not for everybody, but only for gourmands, who wants to experience different aromas and tastes of wine, for the people who just wants to know much about this divine drink! You have a great chance to discover 8000 years traditions of wine-making. Our aim to give you a better understanding and knowledge of traditional Georgian wine, indigenous grape varieties, wine-making regions,  micro zones and many other important aspects of Georgian wine and wine-making.




David Gareja semi desert really unique in its landscape, nature, rare plants, and rich color palette,which is reflected in the colors of the masterpieces of medieval wall paintings in the monasteries scattered across semi-desert. The Jeep tour a  crosses semi-desert and goes along the cave monasteries. 



Day trip in Kazbegi,center of the Khevi province, one of the famous destination in Georgia. Here is everything great history and culture, nature, geology and the picturesque panorama to Gergeti Trinity church and Mount Kazbegi, with the permanent snow cap. Road goes along Georgian Military Highway, follows the picturesque Aragvi River and cross the Main Caucasian Range at Jvari Pass (2395m.).




Samshvilde city abandoned, but not dead. When you walk through the deserted streets, you feel the history.

One of the oldest cities in Georgia, which lasted nearly two thousand years, from the VI-IV centuries. BC to the XVIII century. Like many of the Georgian city of pagan times, have a clear plan.

The city is surrounded by deep canyons. 

Samshvilde was a thriving city - fortress, located on one of the caravan routes to the south.

Join us now for an unforgettable weekend trip.



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